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Taking extra measures to create a care plan that’s suited for you

This is a step-by-step guide, describing how we handle the process of delivering and maintaining high-quality home health care services.

Contact us to get started

On your initial call, you will speak to a knowledgeable staff member who will be listening to you and collecting some pertinent information. An appointment will then be made for FREE, a no-obligation home assessment. During this time, you will be assigned to one of our Client Care Coordinators who will come to your home and meet with you and your family to determine what type of service is needed.

Free Home Assessment

Our Client Care Coordinator will visit you to learn as much as possible about your needs, home health care issues, and the qualities you seek in a Caregiver. The Assessment requires no obligation on your part, however. Should you want to start service immediately, your Client Care Coordinator can get you started at that time.

Your loved one’s Plan of Care

Our Client Care Coordinator will create an individualized Plan of Care to be implemented by our home health care team. This mutually agreed-upon Plan of Care is created in conjunction with the client’s and/or family’s recommendations and the assessment from the Client Care Coordinator and our Executive Director.

Caregiver Matching

Our Client Care Coordinator spends a great deal of time and effort evaluating your home health care situation and personality requests, and then carefully selects a Caregiver(s) we believe, from our experience, would be the “Right Fit”. If the match isn’t correct the first time, we will find another Caregiver for you. We won’t rest until we find you the “Right Fit”.

Orientation & Introduction

Our team will explain everything about the case to any new Caregiver. In addition, our Client Care Coordinator and Caregiver Coordinator will come to your home to introduce you and to familiarize and orient your Caregiver to your Plan of Care, your home environment, and the social dynamic. This increases the likelihood of a comfortable transition. The introduction is a very important first step toward establishing a successful relationship between you and your Caregiver. The first few days/weeks are crucial to the relationship’s long-term success.

Ongoing Supervision & Support

Our Client Care Coordinator conducts a supervisory home visit every 2-3 weeks to ensure the Plan of Care is being properly followed or needs any revisions. Each Caregiver is managed by our Client Care Coordinator and Caregiver Coordinator. Our Client Services Team is responsible for the day-to-day scheduling and care issues and serves as your dedicated liaison with our agency. It is their job to personally know you and your family.

Benefit Management

We accept most Long-Term Care Insurance, VA Funding, and Private Pay. We work with you to submit documentation to get your benefits started.

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