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Our Clients

All of our clients receive the extra help they need to remain as indpendent as possible. Theif families havce peace of mind, knowing that we and our staff are these to take care of their loved ones.

We Are Ready to Serve

Give us a call so we can create a care plan that best fits your loved one’s needs.


Lovebird was born in 2017 because we wanted to bring change to the healthcare industry.


We have serviced over 100 clients and employed over 350 staff since 2017.


Lovebird Healthcare Academy was born in 2019 because we wanted to make sure our employees had the proper training.


Slowly Making Change in the Industry!!!


Lovebird Senior Living was born in the middle of 2019 because so many seniors couldn’t afford home care but didn’t want to go into a big nursing home. We have smaller ratios to patients in our care homes.


We give back to our communities through volunteering to help make sure seniors had food beginning of 2020.


COVID-19 affected so many seniors. They were not able to get to labs for testing, nor wanted to come outside to even get testing done. That was when Lovebird Mobile Lab was born in late 2021.


This journey has made us stronger, and we are already making changes in the healthcare industry and our community.


We change seniors’ lives one day at a time.

Who We Are

Our care, your independence.

We have set out to distinguish ourselves from other healthcare companies in the quality of our staff, the reliability of our screening process, our communication approach with our customers, and the experience of our management team. We firmly believe that our people make a difference each day. We aim to ensure our clients and their families receive the best service possible.

Since February 2017, Lovebird has been at the forefront of high-quality and affordable in-home health care services. We have more than 35 combined years worth of experience in maintaining the independence of seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities in a home-based, stress-free setting.

Our highly qualified, caring caregivers are committed to their profession. Each of them shares a passion for caring for individuals who are in need of it and want to remain in their homes.

COVID changed the way we provide service. In 2021, we started going out to our clients and patients to make sure that they didn’t miss their routine lab draws.

Why We Are Lovebird


They are the living testimony of the most wonderful emotion on earth—love. These little parrots are always seen in pairs and are the ideal symbol of love, ecstasy, long-term commitment, loyalty, and care. Just like us at Lovebird, we are committed to excellence and giving love and care to our clients.

Our Caregivers

All of our caregivers are carefully selected and highly qualified. Each caregiver is bonded insured and undergoes a national background search. Our employees participate in a very effective and ongoing eldercare training program so that we can provide the best caregiver to match your loved one’s needs. They also have CPR training and are up to date on physical exams and PPDs.

Our Phlebotomists

Our Phlebotomists at Lovebird are certified, licensed, and have relevant clinical experience. They are bonded and insured and undergo background and reference checks. Lovebird’s Phlebotomists also strictly observe safety protocols and are updated on HIPAA laws and best practices to ensure the safety and welfare of every patient.